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  • EDM
  • HipHop
  • Pop
  • Country
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • R&B
  • Latin
  • Afro/Dancehall

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Playlist Curators Pack ($99 Value)
Get instant access to over 1000+ independent playlist owners in your genre that you can connect with and get a placement on their playlists to grow your streams and reach.
ultimate playlist package, spotify, apple music, blogs, playlists and radio. get on playlists and get more streams and plays, grow your career as a musician. music promo, music promotion
Radio Stations Pack ($99 Value)
Get instant access to over 2,000+ Radio Station owners that you can connect with to get your track in rotation.
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Music Blogs Pack ($99 Value)
Get instant access to over 2000+ Music Blog owners and editors in each genre that you can connect with and start getting on articles and interviews
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Live Music Venues Pack ($99 Value)
Get access to our Live Music Venues list that takes the hassle out of finding gigs by connecting you with all the venues in North America! Connect with the best venues for you and start organizing your North American tour now!
playlist information, playlist email, playlist curator contact
Booking Agents Pack ($99 Value)
As a musician, booking gigs is not easy! That’s why we’ve created a detailed list with the best booking agents all over the world with their contact information! Connect with those who fit your needs and love your music to start booking more shows and getting paid
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Youtube Playlist Pack ($99 Value)
Get instant access to 3000+ Youtube Playlist contacts that you can connect with and get a placement on their playlists to grow your streams and reach.
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A&R's, Manager's & Label Contacts ($99 Value)
Get instant access to 275+ A&R and Label contacts that you can connect with and get signed

PLUS You’ll Get The Following 4 BONUSES 

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Bonus 1: Email Outreach Templates ($99 Value
To make your life easier, use our proven plug and play email templates to reach out to the contacts in the directories to get your music on playlists, radios, and more!
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Bonus 2: 200 Collaborative Playlists ($99 Value)
Playlists that you can add your track to for free and get the algorithm to notice you and get you on bigger playlists
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Bonus 3: 100 Streaming Platform Contacts ($99 Value
Get instant access to over 100+ contacts that directly work at Shopify & Apply music who are always looking for up and coming artists.
Playlist Curators, Get your music on 1,000+ Playlists!, Connect and build relationships with playlist curators, Get placements and reach 10+ million new listeners Grow Your Reach
Bonus 4: Our Artist Release Checklist ($99 Value)
This ebook reveals the secrets on getting on more playlists and getting picked up by the algorithm to skyrocket your music career.
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Here’s A Quick Recap Of Everything You Get:  

✔️ Spotify/Apple Music Directory (Value $99)
✔️ Music Blogs Directory (Value $99) 
✔️ Youtube Playlists Directory (Value $99) 
✔️ Radio Stations Directory (Value $99) 
✔️ Live Music Venues Directory (Value $99)
✔️ Booking Agents Directory (Value $99)
✔️ A&R's and Labels Directory (Value $99)

✔️BONUS: Email Outreach Templates (Value $99)
✔️BONUS: 200 Collaborative Playlists (Value $99)
✔️BONUS: 100 Streaming Contacts (Value $99)
✔️BONUS: Artist Release Checklist 

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$197.00 $990.00

  • EDM
  • HipHop
  • Pop
  • Country
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • R&B
  • Latin
  • Afro/Dancehall
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Frequently questions asked
How does this work?
The Ultimate Artist Growth Bundle is a searchable database of Spotify & Apple Music playlists, Music Blogs, Radio Stations, Booking Agents, Live Music Venues, A&R's and Labels with detailed contact information including name and contact information.
How many contacts are in each Product?
The number is listed under each product category. However most lists range between 1,000 - 20,000. Check each product page for more information.
What information do you provide?
Different lists will include different information. But all the lists will include names and email addresses for you to be able to reach out personally and connect with them.
How often do you update the lists?
The lists are updated every 2 months. You will receive a new version via email every time the list you purchased is updated.
Can I contact a someone directly?
Yes! This is our goal! We want you to connect with and create relationships with curators, blogs and radios that love your music.
Who uses The Ultimate Artist Growth Bundle?
Musicians, Bands and Artist Managers trying to promote their music or grow their careers. We do have something for everyone depending on your needs and where you are in your career path.