ItsBizkit Music Blog Feature

ItsBizkit Music Blog Feature

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ItsBizkit - aka the Biggest Blogger in the World.

ItsBizkit is a man of the industry, but by no means a puppet. He works with big-name artists including, most prominently, Drake and OVO camp. You've probably come across his social accounts, even if you don't know who he is exactly.

This service is simply allowing you to submit your music directly to the curator of this blog. If your track is declined you will be immediately refunded.

Don't Take Our Word For It...


These guys are legit! This is a necessity if you are trying to make it in the industry

Fetty Wap

1,000,000,000+ Streams


Essential for any artist trying to get their name out there

King Bach

50,000,000+ Streams


Excellent buy for anyone trying to get their music heard. If you are really serious about your craft, this is a great place to start and get the extra push you need!


250,000,000+ Streams


Major love for everyone involved, the team helped us take our latest release to the next level. Got some of the biggest blog features and are getting massive attention

EC Twins

30,000,000 Streams


Got featured on our favorite blogs!!! much love to the crew!

Glowsticks Music

25,000,000+ Streams


Got my music featured on all the blogs I have been following for years! this is surreal!!!

Moonlight Scorpio

10,000,000+ streams

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