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- 6,000+ Radio contacts

- 1,000+ Playlist curator contacts

- 200+ Youtube playlist curator contacts

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- 6,000+ Radio contacts 

- 2,800+ Music Festivals 

- 2,000+ Music Blog owners contacts

- 1,000+ Playlist curator contacts

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King Bach Music
King Bach

3,000,000 Spotify streams


Excellent buy for anyone that is trying to get into the music biz. If you are really serious about your craft this is a must have. I Promise you won't be disappointed.A+ work!

Stitches Rapper

50,000,000 Spotify streams


These guys are Legit! This is a necessity if you are trying to make it in the industry and get connected

Fetty Wap
Fetty Wap

Los Angeles, CA


I'm getting solid responses and this is a great way to know I'm covering the blog verse without making myself - as an indie artist with limited resources - crazy trying to do it ALL myself.

Cate Le Bon
Cate le Bon

10,000,000 Spotify streams

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How Q Music Promotions can help you with Music Promotion

Take your music career to the next level with the help of our team at Q Music promotions. Stream your music and reach out to the audience through our Best Music Playlist Promotion Services. You no longer have to worry about e-mails going unanswered!

You no longer need to spend hours looking for contacts, sending emails, and managing follow-ups. On Q Music, you can reach industry professionals in a few clicks. You will get direct and fast access to the music pros, curators, and radios.

Spotify promotions

With our extensive network of music curators around the globe, our team helps you reach new audiences and expand your fan base. With every Spotify campaign, we cater our approach to the artist, making sure it delivers results according to the artist's needs. Using our combined 30 years of industry experience, we connect your music to influential tastemakers & industry influencers.

All Spotify marketing campaigns and Spotify promotion packages we offer are 100% organic. As a result, we increase your stream numbers and fans through best spotify marketing strategies.

Our team of music curators works directly with independent Spotify publishers worldwide to get your music heard and grow your audience. Using a customized approach, we plan each campaign carefully to maximize your results and achieve success.

Getting your music playlisted on Spotify is easy with our Spotify playlist products, working with Spotify editorial & independent curators. Promote Spotify playlists to curators, optimize streams, and grow followers organically.

What Are The Best Music Distribution Services?

The best way for an artist to reach their audience is through music distribution. Discover how free music distribution services work, how to distribute your music, and how the music distribution process works! To put it simply, music distribution is the process of sending your music to music providers (streaming services, radio stations, advertising agencies, etc) so that your future fans can hear it. By distributing your tunes, you enable listeners to hear them and fall in love with them. Whether you are new to the music industry or are just wondering how to distribute your music, Q Music Promotions can help you. Let's take a look at what digital music distribution involves, what music distribution services are available to independent artists.

According to forecasts, streaming revenues will reach USD 16.4 billion this year, well over the 56% of music sales it reached in 2019. To access this future, you must position your digital music distribution strategically.

The Best Way To Promote Your Music

It has been surprising to see the shift toward digital ownership and streaming in music promotion over the past few decades. Physical distribution via brick-and-mortar stores is no longer as important as digital distribution through online marketplaces (streaming and download).

Independent music promotion can be achieved through digital distributors for emerging artists. It will likely grow in popularity and will certainly cost less than using an independent record label. While you can go it alone, it's far easier to work with a music distributor and more likely to be successful. Streaming services need to explain how to upload music as an artist, and are regularly swamped with tunes from artists. Their platform prefers music submitted by registered distributors. Digital music stores like Amazon and iTunes, as well as streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Tidal, are where music distribution services put your music. When your music is available on these platforms, royalty payments can start rolling in. There are different royalties offered by different platforms.

Boost your audience with our music promotion services

New fans can be reached, and new audiences can be engaged by making use of our music directories services. Creating amazing music requires talent, but that's only the beginning.

Gaining new fans and developing your music brand are two essential activities. We specialize in getting your music to a wider audience and building your music career. You are the expert in creating music, and we are the experts at getting your music out there. You can connect with the right audience with our Music Promotion team's knowledge of music marketing.

Having access to the right target audience is important to us as a leading music distributor. You may need the connections or know-how necessary to take your music global, but we want to see your music go global. To enhance your digital presence, we will provide you with the required music promotion services and support.

With our support, you will connect with your fanbase, attract new fans, and build your image across all media platforms.