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As a musician, booking gigs is not easy! That’s why we've created a detailed list with all the Booking Agents contact information including names, emails, websites and more.

Our Booking Agent list takes the hassle out of finding gigs by connecting you with the best booking agents all over the world! Connect with those who fit your needs and love your music to start booking more shows and getting paid.

2,300+ Booking Agents contact info - Booking Agents from around the world that you can connect with.

200 collaborative playlists - Playlists that you can add your track to for free and get the algorithm to notice you and get you on bigger playlists

100+ Spotify and Apple Music contacts - so you can connect with people that work at spotify and apple music and get their push and support

Our Playlisting E-Book: Secrets of getting on more playlists and getting noticed by the algorithm!

A step by step guide with Email Templates - to make your life easier! Just follow the steps and plug your info

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