Professional Pack


Are your numbers growing? Do you have a good following and are trying to take your career to the next level? Do you have what it takes to perform at big music festivals?

Then this package is for you! We’ve created this package for artists that have already done a few performances and already have a good following. This package includes a list of 1,000+ Playlist Curators, 2,000+ Music Blogs editor contacts, 6,000+ Radio Station contacts and 2,800+ Music Festivals across North America! This custom artist promotion package gives you what you need to go viral.

6,000+ Radio contacts - Radio contacts that you can connect with to get your track in rotation

2,800+ Music Festivals - All the Music Festival organizers in the US and Canada

2,000+ Music Blog owners and editors contact info - contacts in each genre that you can connect with and start getting on articles and interviews

1,000+ Playlist curator contacts - contacts in each genre that you can connect with and start getting placement

200+ collaborative playlists - Playlists that you can add your track to for free and get the algorithm to notice you and get you on bigger playlists

200+ Youtube playlist curator contacts - so you can get your track on big youtube channels that have millions of listeners

A step by step guide with Email Templates - to make your life easier! Just follow the steps and plug your info

Our Playlisting E-Book: Secrets of getting on more playlists and getting noticed by the algorithm!

Do you want to get your music on more Playlists, Blogs and Radio Stations around the world?

Are you trying to start performing at Music Festivals in front of thousands of people? 


We have created this product just for you!! We want to give Artists the tools to get on more Playlists, Blogs & Radio Stations! Reach new fans! And make more money! Our Professional Pack gives artists the tools that every promo company has, and creates a marketing machine that lasts forever! This will allow you to become your own music marketing agency and gives you the tools to get on more Playlists, Blogs & Radio Stations around the world!

  • Get your track on 1,000+ Playlists & 2,000 Blogs
  • Get Radio Rotation on 6,000+ Stations around the world
  • Start booking your next festival run and perform in front of millions 
  • Receive confirmations of placements and feedback directly
  • Stop paying promo companies for every release
  • Take control of your career and give your music the attention it deserves!
  • Money Back Guarantee - We are so confident that you will love our product that we offer a 365-day money back guarantee. ANY DAY ANY TIME
  • Exceptional Support – Our expert support staff are available all the time to help customers with any questions or concerns. We want our product to deliver the most value with zero hassle.
  • Quality and Affordable – We believe in combining both quality and affordability in our products. There’s no reason to pay exorbitant prices when our solutions do more for less. You won't find any other database with the same material at a lower price anywhere. GUARANTEED! And if you do, we will give you our product for free!
  • Get Started Immediately - As soon as you complete your online order, you will be taken to the secure customer area where you will be able to download your list and start connecting with influancers.
  • Free Upgrades and Support for One Year - Our lists come with a full year of free upgrades and customer support. As we keep adding new contacts, you can get them without paying anything extra.


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get the contacts

Our team of artist managers have compiled detailed contact lists of curators, websites and email addresses.

reach out

We’ve created a seamless and user-friendly email marketing manual to help you connect with industry professionals easily.

go viral & get paid

Let the networking begin. Use our online marketing strategies - included with every package to give you an extra push.

watch & learn

Get contacts


Spend less time looking for contacts and more time working on your music. Our detailed list gives you access to Playlist Curators, Music Blog Writers, Radio Station Managers & Music Festival Organizers


Yup you read that number right. Once you receive our detailed contact list, you will have access to over 2,000+ blog’s, 1,000+ Playlists, 6,000 Radio Stations & 2,800+ Music Festivals with a combined reach of over 50,000,000 readers, listeners and fans. With this much exposure, you will reach superstar status!


Your music will reach new people everyday and continue to do so. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the results of a successful campaign convert into engagement and social traction to form new fans


Professional Pack


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Get our FREE guide on how to network your way to the top of the music industry

Get our FREE guide on how to network your way to the top of the music industry