Adding Songs on Spotify as Local Files

Adding Songs on Spotify as Local Files

Among the many features of Spotify are the ability to stream music, create playlists, etc. Moreover, adding songs to the Local Files is one of the best things you can do. In this tutorial, you will find out how to add songs to Spotify. There are many services Spotify provides. Listening to music on Spotify is a wonderful experience. Its recommendations are easy to understand. 

The app suggests many custom playlists to you. Your preferences determine which songs to suggest. Those are available on the Home page, the Browse page, and in your Library. Also, Spotify provides personalized Radio playlists based on what you are listening to. Overall, we have found Spotify to be very useful. By providing alternatives that meet our tastes, this company shows its concern for us. Yet it does an excellent job despite being all artificial intelligence. We feel special not just because Spotify suggests music to us. Now we can listen to our own music on our devices as well.  Perhaps you have thought that it would be cool if we could upload our own songs to Spotify and listen to them. You can do that. However, it is not as easy as Apple Music or Google Play Music. Listening to your device's music is possible using the 'Local Files' feature. Consequently, Spotify cannot provide you with the music you want.  

 Local Files on Spotify

Spotify allows its users to play their own music along with tracks over 50 million. As a Spotify user, you can play the music files stored on your device. This feature is called ‘Local Files.’ However, Spotify does not support files or downloads from illegal sources. When you install the Spotify program on your computer, it will access and sync the local music files on your hard drive. If you store your music files in several folders or external storage, Spotify will not find your music. In that case, you have to add your songs manually. Now let’s take a look at how to import and upload songs to Spotify. Here are a few steps to upload songs from the desktop followed by steps to add songs on a mobile phone. 

Add Songs From Desktop 

  • Click on the arrow next to your profile image. 
  • Then scroll down the page and find Local Files. 
  • In the Local Files section, turn on the ‘Show Local Files’ switch. Files in your computer’s My Music and Downloads are automatically selected. 
  • If you don’t want Spotify to reach some of your files, switch off those sources. 
  • Click on ‘Add a Source’ to select another folder. 
  • Now you can find your own music in the Local Files folder in the menu on the left. 
  • Keep in mind that Spotify only supports MP3, MP4, and M4P files. It does not support iTunes’ M4A format either. 

Add Songs From Mobile (This feature is available only for Spotify Premium users.)

  • By following the steps above, you can import music by desktop to Spotify. 
  • Create a new playlist on the desktop with your files. 
  • You can log in using the same Wi-Fi on your phone or tablet that you are currently using on your computer. 
  • Make sure the Download button is turned on for your new playlist containing your local files.

Spotify is an awesome program that offers so much. Spotify allows you to add your songs and listen to them if you can't find them on your computer. Listening to and discovering music is really easy with Spotify.

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