Enhancing Your Songwriting Skills

Enhancing Your Songwriting Skills
Enhancing Your Songwriting Skills


It’s probably true that when it comes to songwriting, you either have it or you don’t. That being
said, it’s a skill like any other than can be honed and practiced. No matter what type of genre
your music falls under, the following tips will help you to write with more ease and frequency.


1. Carry around a pocket notebook to write down lyrics or musical ideas that come to you.
Phones are great, but there is something about putting a pen to paper that engages
more creativity than typing it out on a keypad.

2. For a period of time, say two weeks, commit to writing one song a day. It doesn’t matter
if it’s the worst thing you’ve ever written, treating your songwriting like a job will help to
get you into a groove. You might find yourself coming up with formulas and patterns
that aid you in your writing, making it easier to get started on a song when the time
comes, and help you when you’re experiencing writer’s block.

3. Collaborate when you can! If you have a friend whose artistry you respect, reach out
and ask if they would be interested in writing together. Infusing something new into
your music can be very beneficial and can get your creative juices flowing when you’re
feeling a little stale.


As with an instrument, practice and perseverance are important in refining your skills as a
songwriter. The more you work on it, the better you’ll get.

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