Get on a Spotify official Playlist

Get on a Spotify official Playlist

First thing you need to do is set your song up for “pre-save” using your digital distributor, at least four weeks before the song comes out. Give yourself lots of time to prepare.

The pre-save will allow your song to show up on your Spotify artist profile, which is where you will submit to Spotify official curators. Your spotify artist profile will show your upcoming releases. Once the song is showing up in your Spotify artist profile, you can then submit directly to Spotify official curators in your country by clicking “submit a song”.

fill out the detailed submission form and remember to include these things in your submission form:

  • Select multiple genres if they apply to your song 
  • Make sure you are as detailed as possible in the form When asked to “describe the song,” Spotify doesn’t want you to tell the story of the song, but rather to highlight what else you are doing to push this record. Is a big-name producer on the record? Is there an upcoming music video or visuals? Do you have upcoming shows? Do you have a premiere scheduled?
  • Offer Spotify curators details on what other exciting things are happening around your career to highlight why your music should be taken seriously and added to their official lists. 
  • Make sure the email you are using for your Spotify artist profile is an active email you check regularly so you don't miss any updates! 

Once you finish, you will be shown that you’ve successfully submitted your song, and if it is added to any Spotify official playlists you will receive an email.


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