New Ways to Promote Your Music on Spotify

New Ways to Promote Your Music on Spotify

1. Get your Artist Profile verified

Now that music technology has revolutionized our lives, anyone can create a Spotify account and declare himself/herself a musician. Occasionally, this can lead people to mislead Spotify users into thinking they are artists.

Followers and potential followers are informed that the account at hand is genuine by the blue tick. The verification badge allows you as an artist to establish trust and a genuine connection with your fans. It is rare and coveted, and Spotify allows you to get one quickly and easily. Signing up for Spotify for Artists will allow you to be instantly verified.

The blue tick establishes the legitimacy of your account.

2. Get your fans to follow you on Spotify

Having a large following on Spotify is proof that your music is relevant. It shows that your fans love and appreciate it. It will be very easy for Spotify playlist curators to suggest your music to listeners if you have a large following on Spotify and have more than 50,000 monthly listeners.

Moreover, it gives you more credibility since potential fans will look at your follow count to decide whether or not they should give your music a chance. The more your audience grows, the easier it will be for you to promote. And that's the next point to consider.

3. Promote your music with Social Media 

The more you share your music with your fans within a day, the more likely it is to become viral than if you share it only a few times in a week. If your music is shared over 10,000 times in one day, you'll gain a lot of confidence. When you get your numbers, you will find it much easier to share your music and not appear overly-promoted or spammy. Post interacting and amazing content regularly on social media to attract your followers. Spotify traffic can be increased easily by building an audience on social media.

4.Be active on Spotify by uploading music consistently

Depending on how good and engaging your music is, Spotify's algorithms can take note of your activity as well as how many songs you add to playlists. When you want listeners to stick with you, you must be consistent. It shows them you are passionate about and committed to your music.

5.Promote your music with Spotify Ads

Spotify's brand new, self-service advertising platform makes it easy to manage Spotify audio ad campaigns directly from the platform. With this application, you can easily create audio ads that reach your audience wherever they are, whenever they want.

Using Spotify's free Ad Studio app, you can create audio ads of 30 seconds or less and have them listened to by Spotify users. A new audio ad can be created from scratch in Ad Studio within less than 10 minutes, impression estimates can be forecasted based on your target audience, and campaign reporting can be tracked and managed.

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