The way the world is now, and how music is viewed and listened to if anyone should mention music radio promotion, most persons would give that look that says "you are so old school and retro." With the advent of social media and lots of video streaming services and audio streaming services, music discovery on the radio now looks like a thing of the past. If you are the type who feels there is no place for radio in the music industry as it is now, you couldn't be more wrong.

For years, lots and lots of people have depended on their favourite radio stations for new songs, and even though it looks like there is now a shift regarding how music is listened to nowadays, radio still holds a strong base in getting your song across a diverse field of listeners. No matter what people would say, radio still plays a vital role in the music industry, and just like any other aspect of life today, the radio industry is always evolving itself to meet up and adapt with the ever-changing music industry. If you are one of such persons with a specific reservation about radio, check out the list of benefits below, and it will help change your reservations.

Platform for consistent exposure and discovery:

We can't stress on the fact that, radio still serves as the number one source by which music lovers discover new music content. The audience base of radio as a whole is ever growing (contrary to what people would think). With the advent of Internet radio, reaching a large audience base is even easier. Once your song gets on a radio rotation, there is a high chance it's going to stay there for a while.

Radio puts you right in the ears of listeners:

Whereas with streaming services, listeners can quickly toggle between the songs they are used to and new songs, that isn't the case with radio. The inflexible nature of radio means, listeners are more than likely to listen to your song and get your message than any other listening platform. Everybody wants to listen to "Top 100 new songs right now" and see what makes it to the list, and if your song is good enough to enter into radio rotation, then you might just be growing a secret fanbase without you even realizing it.

Final words:

No matter what people might think of today, radio still plays an essential role in music promotion . There is that great feeling of satisfaction when you hear your music on a radio rotation being played over and over again. Trust us when we tell you that there are lots of people tuning in and listening. Even if the music industry is changing every day, the radio industry is still evolving with it and adapting every step of the way. There are lots of benefits in getting your song on the radio. Don't shy from it.

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