Spotify & Apple Music Verification

Spotify & Apple Music Verification

Getting verified on Spotify and Apple Music is the first step in building your portfolio as an artist

Your Spotify and Apple Music artist profiles show everything you need to know about your music and your fans, including which playlists you’ve been added to, how many streams you are getting on each song, what cities your fans are in, what countries your song is trending in; and much more. A majority of artists do not have access to either of these and this can get in the way of your success. 

Although there are so many streaming platforms where your music can be played, the two main platforms are Spotify and Apple Music. Follow these steps to gain access to your artist profiles before your next release.


First, you will need to sign up for a Spotify account. Once you have an account to log in to, you can then claim your artist page. Visit Spotify for Artists to claim your profile and fill out the sign up form. The easiest way to claim your page is by connecting your Spotify account to your Twitter account.

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Apple Music

Simply create an artist account. Visit Apple for Artists to claim your profile and fill out the sign up form and claim your artist page.

Make sure to download both of these free apps on your phone and log in to your account to keep track of all the important data you will need to better understand your listeners and songs' success.

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