Tips on How to Crack TikTok for Musicians

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If you want to make your music a success, you need to use modern marketing techniques! And one of the best examples of this is using TikTok. This does bring up a question, though: how do you make it big on TikTok? Well, we’re here to help with our tips on how to crack TikTok for musicians!

Have a solid bio

Though it’s not a direct way to crack TikTok for musicians, a solid bio is part of your TikTok ‘foundations’. An interesting bio can get people intrigued and lead them to your music. And, if they click through to your content and watch an entire video, it will immediately boost its appeal to TikTok’s algorithm. Your bio should focus on presenting who you are and your interests. It would be best if you introduced yourself as a musician, what genres you prefer, and maybe even offer a link to the song you’re most proud of. At the same time, you should freely let your personality shine through, whether through the formatting of your bio or by adding little details. A genuine bio has its appeal, after all, and will help you make your music popular a little faster!

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Check out the profiles of other musicians for reference

Keep your TikTok content short and sweet

The next thing you need to pay attention to is video length. You see, while there are several things TikTok pays attention to that are helpful to crack TikTok for musicians, the most important one is whether people watch your videos to the end. This pretty much copies YouTube’s policy: if people watch the entire thing, they’re interested in it, and it should be recommended. However, this means that people with longer videos are frequently disadvantaged. If you post your entire songs on TikTok, they might become popular, but they’ll likely end up buried in the algorithm. The ‘ideal’ video length is actually around thirty to forty seconds. Which, coincidentally, is also a pretty good length for a song demo!

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Explore longer content forms on other platforms.

Do not focus just on the music

If you want to crack TikTok for musicians, just focusing on your music isn’t enough. TikTok viewers want a holistic experience, a performance. This means that you must also pay attention to your video’s visuals. Of course, excellent background and a bit of dressing up before you perform are often enough to do the trick and ensure people won’t immediately close out of the video. However, that’s just missing out on an opportunity! If you can make an appealing music video or even create an animation to accompany your music, your TikToks will be much more popular. Now, this does increase the production costs if you can’t do it all alone. So, it is better to do this only for the songs you are particularly confident in.

Dancing for a music video, one of the ways to crack TikTok for musicians

 You can work with people who have the talents you don’t.

Work with other TikTok users

Another way to crack TikTok for musicians and quickly grow popular is to work with TikTok influencers. After all, more than just a few songs over the years blew up in popularity simply because a popular TikToker used them as background music for their video. As the marketing experts from MoversTech CRM like to point out, cooperating with popular content creators is one of the best shortcuts! And you are at a particular advantage as a musician in this scenario. After all, every TikTok user wants to stand out, and you offer them a unique opportunity. You can offer to work with them to compose a unique theme or song that will serve as TikToker’s intro or outro! In exchange, you can ask them to help promote your TikTok channel.


Take full advantage of trends

While being unique is important, jumping onto trends can also be a useful shortcut to popularity. After all, TikTok users love to take one thing and then run with it. Some of the now popular dances and tunes are a perfect example of this. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using this to your advantage! If a short clip of you performing a popular tune and maybe even dancing, if you have the talent for it, can help people discover your music faster, then why not do it? It is, after all, a genuine strategy to promote your music in 2023. The danger of this method lies in relying on trends too much. If you focus primarily on them, it will dilute your own brand of music and can make your TikTok channel less popular instead.


Try to come up with your own ‘challenges’

One thing TikTokers seem to adore is challenges. Remember how we recommended doing more with your videos and taking advantage of all your talents, too? Well, one of the most popular challenges is copying a dance! Suppose you can perform something original yourself or team up with another TikToker to make your dance, and the trend catches on. In that case, you will be able to make your TikTok channel a success. At that point, all your worries about promoting your music would be behind you.


Set up a content strategy plan

Classical marketing planning has limited success on TikTok, indeed. However, you can borrow its valuable elements of it with no trouble! What you need to do is to properly set up your content schedule. After all, you can’t just post whenever the mood strikes you and expect your TikTok account to be a success. If low-effort marketing is what you want, then you should consider working with a music marketing agency and leave all the work to them. With a solid posting schedule, you can have both consistency and better content diversity. The latter is because making a schedule makes you take a closer look at your post.


Use your TikTok to branch out to other platforms

Once you’ve made use of our tips on how to crack TikTok for musicians and succeeded, there’s one thing you should do: link up to other platforms. After all, TikTok is just meant to be your marketing springboard. Its short video format also makes it a perfect platform to offer links to other services. You can link to YouTube, with full songs posted there. Or even Spotify and similar sites where you can start making some money directly from your music!

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