Why get on Playlists

Why Get on Spotify Playlists

Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal playlists are considered the A&R of today's music industry

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Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal playlists are considered the A&R of today's music industry, getting placement on these playlists allows the industry and fans to discover, and connect with you. Getting added to independent playlists greatly increases your chances of being added to algorithm-based playlists and official editor-curated playlists on digital streaming platforms.


Spotify users now spend half their time listening to playlists they create themselves, are algorithmically generated, or are made by playlist curators. A spot on a playlist with a large following can help boost a track beyond just organic growth. This reflects the reality of today’s music business: Playlists are the new radio, helping major artists rack up millions of streams and connecting lesser-known acts with new fans.


Music playlists on Apple Music and Spotify are amongst the highly streamed and heard music. With such placements being the major cause of music promotion, it is crucial for artists to thrive and ensure that their songs also receive a place in the spectrum of Spotify Playlist Placement. However, with every artist struggling and competing with others, such servers tend to get crowded and only the finest form of music is selected for the playlist placement. But still, there are much more benefits of Spotify Playlist Placement as it can really bolster up your career as a musician!


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  • Matthew Collins

    I’m Matt also known as my artist name Young CJ. I am from England in a small town in Hampshire called Yateley. I’ve been writing and making songs as of start of lockdown. I was in a very bad space during lockdown and used writing lyrics and making songs to help me express them somewhere. It helped me with my anxiety. I have a variety of good music from relatable emotional songs to Afro beat. Mix of wordplay and nice flows with melody. 
    I am new to music, but I think this is for me I can sing to make a good vibe and can also rap and talk about deep topics. 

    This song Fly, that I would really want to be on your playlist, is a vibey song that is imagining and living in the post lockdown and being able to enjoy summer as it’s suppose to be. It is a catchy tune that would be perfect for your playlist. When others hear it, I feel like this would put them in a better mood because of upbeat instrumental and catchy lyrics. Might even put you in a better mood yourself. 

    Hope you enjoy the track! Hope to start a conversation and any feedback would be great! Would love to be featured on your playlist. 

    Track: Fly by Young CJ 
    My Instagram is: 

    Here is the song link on Spotify but is released on all platforms:

    Hope you enjoy the track and hopefully we get in touch. 

    Thank You and kind regards

    Young CJ

  • El Pablo

    upcoming artist from Canada that do hiphop and Afrobeat.

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