How does this work?

Qmusicpromotions.com is a searchable database of independently-curated Spotify playlists, Blogs, Radio stations, Booking Agents, Festivals, and Venues with detailed information including name and contact information. You will automatically receive an Excel file with the lists you chose, which will include contact info, marketing manuals, email templates, and extra material such as collaborative playlists and curator contacts.

What kind of playlists are included in the Playlist Product?

Most of our playlists are independent playlists, meaning regular people like us have created them and the playlists grew organically. We also do include a portion of companies and blogs that run bigger playlists.

How many contacts are in each Product?

Depending on the product or package you purchased. The number is listed under each product category. However most lists range between 1,000 - 20,000. Check each product page for more information.

What information do you provide?

Different lists will include different information. But all the lists will include names and email addresses for you to be able to reach out personally and connect with them.

Do you provide email addresses?

Yes we definitely do! All our lists have email addresses.

How often do you update the lists?

The lists are updated every 2 months. You will receive a new version via email every time the list you purchased is updated.

Why should I use Q Music Promotions?

Because we have been in your position before! Do you have an amazing song that deserves to blow up? Have you spent thousands of dollars on PR companies or companies promising to “submit” your music with no results? We created our lists so that you never have to fall into that trap again, so that you can control your career and connect with anyone at any time. P.S. it’s the lists we use to promote our artists.

Who uses Q Music Promotions?

Labels, Artist Managers, Musicians and Bands trying to promote their music or grow their careers. We do have something for everyone depending on your needs and where you are in your career path. Are you looking to get on playlists? We’ve got you! Are you looking to book shows around the world? We’ve got you! Check out our value packages for bundles.

How many playlists, blogs or radios will my song be added to?

The number of features will vary based on the strength and quality of the song submission and the products ordered.

How many streams will I get?

We do not sell streams. We do not guarantee streams. These are products that will connect you to the right people in the industry, whether you are looking for playlist curators, blog editors, radio DJs booking agents, festival contacts, and live music venues we have the right list with the right contacts for you.

How long will my song stay on a playlist, blog or radio station?

Curators and contacts can keep your song on their playlists, pages and in rotations for as long as they want, this could be a few days, a few weeks or months. It’s up to you to work on those relationships to continue getting support from these contacts.

Can I contact a curator directly?

Yes! This is our goal! We want you to connect with and create relationships with curators, blogs and radios that love your music.

What proof will I receive?

Your list will automatically download on your computer after purchasing. You will also receive a confirmation email with a receipt of your purchase.

Can I see the names of the playlists blogs or radios?

Yes! The list will include, names, links, websites, Instagram pages, emails and much more info.

How can I be sure I will get what I paid for?

You will receive an automatic download link and will also receive the digital products directly to your email. If the products are not what we promised they are, we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

Can I get my Playlist/radio station/blog/festival listed in your directory?

Please contact us at info@qmusicpromotions.com, we would love to include you in our directories and connect you to the artists!