Playlist Product Description

Do you want to get your music on more Playlists, reach new Fans & make more Money?

Are you tired of spending money on “Playlist Promotion” with no results? 

We have created this product just for you!! We want to give Artists the tools to get on more playlists! Reach new fans! And make more money from streaming! Our Playlist Curators package gives artists the tools that every promo company has, and creates a marketing machine that lasts forever! This will allow you to become your own music marketing agency and gives you the tools to get on more playlists, get more streams and get more fans.

  • Get your track on 1,000+ Playlists
  • Reach 10+ million new listeners
  • Connect and build relationships with Playlist Curators
  • The first step in growing your streaming platforms numbers
  • Stop paying promo companies for every release
  • Take control of your career and give your music the attention it deserves!