Getting on Algorithmic Playlists

Getting on Algorithmic Playlists

We've talked about how these playlists update themselves pretty often and what they are but how do you get on them and keep your tracks in them?

These are some of the steps that help you get on these algorithmic playlists and how to stay on them!

  • When fans follow you on spotify they will automatically get your new music in their release radar playlists. If there is an add to a collection or a save from that playlist, that’s going to contribute to the performance of the track within the playlist.
  • One of the main aspects in the performance of a song is the number of saves, shares and likes of the track. To achieve this you first need to have good quality music, second, you should also ask your fans to save, share and like your tracks.
  • The second most important part in getting on these playlists is being featured on other user generated playlists. So the more playlists you get added to the better your chances are of getting on these algorithmic playlists! 
  • When more people are following your page, that’s more listeners being updated every time you release a new project. The more people listening to your new track, the better shot you have at more people liking, saving and sharing your tracks.
  • Because these playlists are driven by an algorithm, the only way to continue being featured is to keep consistently using these tips!

Remember that nothing worth having comes easy. Once you’ve been added to the playlist you’ve been after, the work doesn’t stop there. Always strive to continue your personal growth as an artist, a brand, and a pro in this ever-changing music scene.

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