Getting the most out of Apple Music & iTunes

Getting the most out of Apple Music & iTunes

Getting the most out of Apple Music & iTunes

The Internet has revolutionised the way music is distributed. Your songs can go viral in just one move, and digital media can help you achieve all your goals. As music streaming platforms like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music boast tens of millions of subscribers, it is no wonder that every successful artist is on them. This is a money-making opportunity. Quite simply, that's the reason. Today's music industry relies heavily on streaming platforms to earn money.  Here's a quick guide to help you get the most out of promotions on Apple Music and iTunes. 

How does Apple Music differ from iTunes?

The Apple Music service allows users to stream music. Members have unlimited access to the music catalog. In contrast, iTunes is an online music store where fans can purchase songs. Instead of paying a monthly subscription fee to access Apple Music's catalog of songs, users pay to own the song.

Promoting your songs on Apple Music

It is important to note that Apple Music does not involve third party curators like Spotify or any other streaming platform. The Apple editorial team or other companies that work with Apple music make their public playlists. 

There is stiff competition to appear on these playlists unless you know the Apple Music curators personally. A successful artist must do everything in his or her power to tip the odds in his or her favor. 


Here are some steps you can follow:

  • Join the platform and share your music

Your goal may be to get your music listed on playlists, but getting your music on those playlists isn't going to happen if you haven't released it. A list must contain something. Your first step should be to upload and release your music.

  • Verify your account

As soon as you've uploaded your music to the platform, you'll need to get it verified for authenticity reasons. The internet is full of inauthentic people looking to take what is yours.

Even though you must get a verification badge in order to listen to apple music, it's a good thing for you.

Make sure your artist profile is claimed on iTunes Connect. The verification process takes between a few days and a week. You need to be patient.

  • Grow your fanbase using Apple Music

As soon as you have uploaded your music to the platform and got verified, it's time to start creating. It is necessary to have a substantial following if you want to attract the apple music curators to your page.

You should start by talking to people you know, like friends and family. Let them know that you would like your music to be supported on Apple Music. Don't forget your social media platforms. Every social media platform you can manage should have a fan page.

Supporting and following other musicians in your level is another trick for promoting your music on Apple Music. By giving them a mention or shout out on your social media platforms, you can help them promote their music.

They are likely to return the favor. Your fan base can be expanded through them.

  • Be consistent with your uploads

It is more likely that you will be featured on playlists if you have more songs or albums on the platform. Do not limit yourself to the first one. Make sure your fans never forget you. Maintain a healthy music profile by regularly releasing new music.

Keep your music quality high, however, even when you are trying to stay alive. In an effort to remain relevant, it is very tempting to release substandard content. Create a release schedule and stick to it to avoid this kind of situation. Before uploading your music, be sure to check its quality thoroughly.

You're much more likely to be featured on playlists if you reach out to Apple music curators. Make sure your email is good and sent to them. Make sure you don't just send them a line asking for a listing. Take some time to think about it. Get to know them and build a relationship.

  • Get in touch with bloggers


The best place to start for a new artist is a blog. Posting content on smaller blogs is always an option.

With blogs, you can always find someone who blogs about your style of music and there are many to choose from. Take part in these blogs by sharing your story. Reaching out to new audiences and converting them to fans is a great way to grow.


Get your track listed in iTunes' Top 100

It is a well-known fact that many artists are interested in appearing on the iTunes top 100 songs list at any given moment. Don't be discouraged by that. Here are some things you can do to increase your chances: 

  • Plan your release carefully

The timing of your music release is crucial in ensuring that it is the most powerful for your music.

You need to wait five to six weeks after uploading your music to iTunes before you release it.

You will have the opportunity to promote your music, increase pre-release sales, and analyze and monitor the market during this time. It is also significant to note that iTunes selects the artists for inclusion in this list weeks in advance.

  • Take advantage of iTunes promotion services

It may be challenging to promote your music on iTunes and you might consider getting professional assistance. You can maximize your sales by using these iTunes promotion services.

  • Creating high-quality recordings

Despite the fact that you don't have a recording label, do not let this detract from the quality of your music. When you record your song incorrectly, people will not listen to your song as much as they should. Be ready to invest in a good recording of your music.

  • Create a buzz around your music

Plan a promotional campaign for music and execute it. People may not buy your music not because it is not good enough but for the simple reason that they don’t know it exists.

Promote your music using social media and any other tool at your disposal. Let everyone know what you are doing by giving yourself a shoutout and telling your story.

  • Be aware of your competition

Whenever possible, release your music at a time when there are no major artists or record labels releasing music.

As a result, there will be a reduction in shadow effects. It isn't a guarantee that you will figure this out, and in reality, there will not be a perfect time, but it is still worth trying.

  • Choosing albums over singles

Among the top 100 lists, iTunes prioritizes albums over singles. However, singles can be equally important in some cases.

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