What is Organic Spotify Promotion?

What is Organic Spotify Promotion?

Organic Spotify promotion is based on those streams that are generated by real  fans, followers and listeners that actually exist. Are you still wondering? Fake streams are the exact opposite of organic Spotify plays. Fake streams are often offered at extremely low prices by dubious service providers.

Organic growth is legitimate. It is observed when real fans listen to an artist's tracks. True fans happen to dig up more about their favorite artists on different music streaming platforms. They discover their beloved singer's music thanks to the exposure it gained from the artist's work with marketing, spotify music playlist curators, and public relations. In contrast, bot streams are those accumulated by companies through fake fans or computer programs.

Role of Digital Music Streaming Platforms 

Owing to their strong presence in the music industry, digital streaming platforms are beyond a doubt a crucial component of an  artist’s success. As a result, the market has become obsessed with agencies that give artists the chance to purchase streams on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, and much more. These companies expect the artists to pay them a small sum for the use of their services. In return, they push these artists to new heights and audiences on digital streaming platforms. 

Organic Streams Vs Bot Streams

At first, this may look appealing. However, after a more thorough investigation, you will find out that quite often these music firms offer the artists with artificial bot streams: those that do not come from fans or at times, even people. 

Even if this is happening without the artist's knowledge, it poses a serious problem for artists who are trying to build their fanbases. To grow your audience organically and authentically, it is imperative to avoid the scams and use playlist builders like PlaylistStreams.com.

An artist's music grows organically when real fans discover their music from the exposure the artist gained from marketing, playlist curators, and public relations. Bot streams, on the other hand, are those accrued by companies through fake fans or computer programs. Apart from streaming the tracks for only 31 seconds on Spotify since the platform only counts streams after 30 seconds, these scams also often do the bare minimum by streaming the tracks for no longer than 31 seconds.

Digital streaming platforms have taken notice of such corruption practices, particularly because of unusually high stream counts on some days compared with other days and the number of streams emanating from only one location.

Occasionally, Spotify prevents the release of music by artists engaged in these fraudulent practices and blacklists their profiles once they have been flagged. Consequently, it is very important that musicians do their research in order to avoid unintentionally engaging with a fraudulent playlist builder and suffering these adverse consequences.

While boosting your streams in this manner may seem beneficial in the short-term, getting streams merely for passing the 30-second stream mark is detrimental to a music artist's overall career as it prevents authentic fan growth. In order to increase their chances of landing playlist curators, artists need to understand what constitutes lawful business, such as paying a marketing or PR firm to find you ones, and what constitutes theft, such as purchasing pseudo streams.

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