How Organic Marketing Helps Musicians

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Many musicians go for paid advertisements and fake streams because organic marketing isn’t easy. An article on Science Direct states that the organic reach of brands and people has decreased due to the improving algorithms of online search engines and the number of posts on social media platforms. As a result, you’ll have to work harder to gain the attention of online users and increase your organic reach on digital platforms.

Despite not being easy, organic marketing offers benefits that fake streams and paid advertisements can’t provide. To illustrate, here’s how organic marketing can help your music career:

Lowers the costs needed in promoting a song

If you’re just starting your career, organic marketing strategies can help because they are more affordable than paid advertising. In fact, they can even be free at times!

Case in point, consulting agency ContraBand states that artist-generated content on TikTok has significantly decreased the cost needed to promote a song. In fact, the agency says that TikTok content is the most powerful method of helping you get organic streams on digital music platforms and sell merchandise online without having to tour around the world. As such, it’s important to use your songs in relevant mediums, such as short clips on TikTok, to increase your chances of getting a viral hit.

Allows you to establish your online presence

Aside from turning your song into a viral hit, organic marketing can also help establish your name as a musician.

You may notice that many musicians create various types of content for their social media accounts. Daydreaming in Paradise explains that digital marketing strategies, such as having lots of content on your social media account, can help you rank high on Google and make it easier for people to find you online. Your online videos or posts can also resonate with various types of audiences, thus increasing your chances of attracting fans from different parts of the world.

Brings you closer to your preferred audience

Do you want a specific audience to listen to your music? You can attract your target listeners by posting your content on the right platforms.

For instance, Search Engine Journal explains that TikTok is popular among younger audiences, which is why it will be beneficial to post your music content here if you want to target teens and young adults. Meanwhile, musicians with more mature songs can post more content on YouTube, which is the platform that millennial audiences prefer. Indeed, it’s important to understand the platform preferences of your target listeners' to make more impactful impressions.


Helps you avoid any penalties caused by bots

Fake streams may help you achieve faster results. However, you should be aware that you could be facing penalties because of this strategy.

Our article on organic Spotify promotions warns that digital streaming platforms have already taken notice of corrupt practices because of certain musicians' unusually high stream patterns. As such, Spotify sometimes prevents the release of artists who buy fake streams and even blacklists their profiles once they’re flagged. So while fake streams can help you get a quick boost, they can put your career at risk and make it even harder for you to succeed. On the flip side, organic marketing may be slower, but doesn't put you at risk of being blackballed by key organizations.

Organic marketing isn't easy, but it delivers positive results. So if you want your music career to be a success, start by exploring and investing in organic marketing strategies today.

Written by Aliyah Bea Cox
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