What is the best way to promote music in 2022?

What is the best way to promote music in 2022?


It can be difficult to navigate how to promote music in 2022 as the music industry has changed significantly. In 2022, the internet remains a relevant factor in music promotion, as well as the impact of Covid-19. In spite of the limited options, artists continue to find ways to promote their content, brand, and music to a wider audience.

Create a Website and your own Email List

Although social media is an important place for artists, every musician could benefit from a dedicated website. A website is a place for audience members from all social media platforms to gather. It could be a place where artists sell merchandise and also post scheduled events. A website could also be where artists announce the release of new music.


Building a website does take time and might require some help, but a good website could act as a central hub for fans to interact or know more about an artist. Email lists are another asset that may seem outdated but are direct connections to fans. With emails, artists can promote their new songs by sending them directly to fans who have given their email addresses.

Using the Digital Music Distribution Services on the internet

The internet provided artists flexibility to the artists especially during the lockdown. Apart from live shows, artists must learn how to maximize their digital opportunities to get the word out about their music. For artists, it is just a matter of learning how to take advantage of the connections the internet can provide.


Music Playlist Promotion

Spotify and Apple Music playlists allow fans to discover new genres and artists as they share discoveries on streaming platforms.

Getting as many playlists with similar genres or aesthetics as possible is the best way for artists to promote their music. It is more likely for a musician to find a fan who is interested in listening again by creating playlists with similar artists and genres.

Listeners can maximize their chances of their music being included in a playlist by uploading their other albums as well. They also need to submit their music to these playlists and develop a profile on the specific platform. Listeners can find more of the artist's work by searching for them.

Use Social Media to promote your music

Artists continue to rely heavily on social media.

Tiktok is now a significant platform for discovering new songs. Artists who want their music to find new listeners can see if they can create content that is native to Tiktok using their track.

Other platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook remain places that artists can promote new music. Being present in these spaces allow artists to share new music in creative ways.

Social media gives artists the ability to market their new songs, as well as their aesthetic and personalities, through pictures, videos, and skits. Musicians have to know what kind of content works best on each platform. A song's hook, lyrics, or entire track may be included in the content.

Approach Local Radio Stations, Blogs, and Podcasts

In terms of promotion, artists shouldn't disregard older methods.

Musicians can approach local radio stations with their new song in hopes of receiving air time. Many stations are eager to play the music of local artists. Getting more listeners might involve cold emailing or cold calling, but the time spent can be worthwhile.

There are many blogs that cover stories about emerging artists. These blogs can be used by artists to promote their music. Bloggers might publish a story about the artist to promote them or their music.

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