Promoting your first song on Tiktok

Promoting your first song on Tiktok

Over 120 million people use TikTok every month, making it the leading social media platform. As a music marketing platform, it offers artists more than just social media, it can turn a song into a global hit and turn an independent artist into a star overnight.

By using the app, users can record, share, and discover short-form videos by dancing, singing, laughing, lip-syncing, and allowing others to create and share their videos. Here are a few tips to promote your first song on Tiktok: 

Keep an authentic attitude

Authenticity is a key component of any social media strategy, but the TikTok community will hold you to a higher standard. A big part of being successful on the platform is being clear about what you stand for and uncompromising in your beliefs.

If you don't present your content with a high level of authenticity, you'll lose community trust. Ensure you do not push follower counts, comments, likes, sales, or streams.

Encourage creativity and community building. Being consistent, being honest about your brand values, listening, and engaging will help you build relationships with your audience.

TikTok is a great platform to upload your songs

The best way to get your music on TikTok so users can use it in their videos is in one of two ways. Firstly, you can use a music distribution service such as Q music Distribution. When you upload music through Q Music distribution, you'll make it available to everyone on TikTok for use in their videos! Your song must start at the exact time you specify on TikTok (the most exciting part of your song). 

Second, you can upload a teaser of your brand-new song on TikTok before you release it, like the chorus or hook, and see how it turns out. 

Upload a video with the clip of the track that you want to use.

In the lower right corner, click on the profile photo. It is helpful to label your song with the Track Name - Artist Name so that others will be able to locate it and relate it to your artist profile.

Make your music go viral

Once your music is available on TikTok, you should actively work to reach TikTok influencers and other users. Several users have less than 1,000 followers who have gone viral by creating engaging videos. You do not need many followers or a large following to do this. Rather than seeing TikTok as a (limited) marketing opportunity from a traditional standpoint, look at it as a (massive) opportunity for independent artists.

Use hashtags 

In 2019, DJ and producer Alan Walker used the hashtag #DifferentWorld to promote his song "Different World" by encouraging fans to record themselves doing their part for the environment. There would be a prize for the 60 most popular videos. 

How to promote your song using TikTok challenges 

Among the most popular music marketing strategies of 2022, TikTok challenges are being used by everyone from Lil Nas X to Jay Sean to Drake to Megan Thee Stallion (Hot Girl Summer).

Organize a dance challenge using your song, which you can plan with professional dancers. It is recommended that the challenge has an official hashtag. Look for hashtags that aren't commonly used on the platform, and keep it simple, short, and memorable.

The theme of your song should reflect a social impact concept (like giving back to the environment or an environmental challenge). Let's make a hashtag based on the song title and see how it grows! 

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