Smart Links and Pre-Saves

Smart Links and Pre-Saves

Create pre save or smart links so fans can automatically follow your music and so you can also learn more about your fan base. Look into these 3 applications:


Soundplate Clicks

Music smart links and pages make it easy to promote music to all of your fans, no matter where they choose to listen. Grow your fanbase, increase streams and sales, and better understand your audience. Spend less time marketing and more time creating.



Presave+ allows your fans to subscribe to all your future releases across Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. With Presave+ you can accumulate saves from previous releases onto new releases. Essentially when a fan pre-saves your release, they will have all future releases added automatically



Linkre is a smart link platform for the music marketing space and helps music marketers create intelligent links that automatically direct fans to the music they like on their preferred apps. promotional landing pages and smart links, new releases, tickets, and merchandise. your audience's preferences and get accurate insight and improve your digital marketing

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  • Danny Gates

    These smart links how do I get them do I get do I get the smart links when I pay for a package

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